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Harrow Recreation Ground

Harrow Recreation Ground

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The Harrow Recreation Ground Users Association is a voluntary group of users of the park who organise free events in the Harrow 'Rec' about ten times a year.

The Association also acts when needed as a support and lobbying group on behalf of park users, and we aim to work in partnership with other park users and Harrow Council to make sure that the facilities in the park can be enjoyed by all.

Cuts in funding to local authorities leads to cuts in the budgets for parks and open spaces. Groups such as Harrow Recreation Ground Users Association work together with Harrow Council to ensure that our beloved parks continue to be well maintained. This ensures that our parks continue to be pleasant environments for all to visit, and remain a vital part of our community.
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+44 20 8901 2600
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Harrow Recreation Ground opened in 1885, the land purchased as a result of fund-raising initiated by one of the Masters at Harrow School. Laid out with facilities for sports clubs and 4 areas for public recreation, the park has long been associated with Harrow St Mary's Sports Club and Harrow Bowls Club, the latter founded in 1902. Original wrought iron gates are found at a number of entrances.

Harrow Recreation Ground is located near to the centre of Harrow with entrances from Cunningham Park, Beresford Road, Roxborough Road, Pinner Road and Hindes Road. Car parking is available at the Roxborough Road entrance. Facilities in the park includes football pitches, cricket squares, bowling green, children's play area, basketball court, tennis courts and a sensory garden.


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